Leadership Team

John Martínez
Executive Director

John Martínez joined Centro Campesino on May 16, 2016.  John has over 20 years of experience working with community-based organizations, (CBOs) and community development corporations (CDC’s) throughout the United States in the areas of asset-based economic development – workforce, education, and business investment initiatives, organizational development, and community development. His professional work experience includes: leading a statewide community action agency, directing a rural USDA supported enterprise community, leading an urban school-to-work initiative, and serving as the National Director of Workforce Development for the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), a Washington, DC based Civil Right and Advocacy Organization. John is a summa cum laude graduate in political science and economics from the University of New Mexico.

John Martínez is currently the vice-chair of the MAFO Board of Directors– a National Partnership of Rural Communities and Farmworker Organizations.


images_LEADERSHIPTEAM_403004_488901021153160_81772483_n 1Maria Villacampa
Chief Financial Officer

Prior to joining CCFC in 2011, Maria worked in senior accounting positions for both non-profit and profit sectors serving as controller for YWCA of South Florida, including controller for EFC Management and 15 years at Ryder Logistics Systems, Inc. where she was a senior financial analyst/consultant. She has over 20 years of accounting experience.  Maria holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Florida and both an MBA and a Masters in Professional Accountancy from Barry University.


images_LEADERSHIPTEAM_534076_488901357819793_1309864873_n-195x300Jorge Barrios
Director of Construction Services

Jorge left his work as a private builder in 2008 to take charge of Centro Campesino’s construction services, including homebuilding, land acquisition and rural weatherization/rehab.  He is a licensed Florida General Contractor license # CGC1509706, with 29 years of experience in home building and construction management. He holds a B.S. degree in architecture from the University of Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Cartagena, Colombia.


images_LEADERSHIPTEAM_403126_488901781153084_2042679105_n-229x300Rennatta Delgado

Rennatta came to CCFC as a housing counselor in 2006, later became program manager and in 2010 was promoted to assistant director.  She builds partnerships with industry professionals such as lenders, realtors and foundation officers, and manages development activities including special events and community outreach.  Rennatta fosters relationships with individuals and organizations who wish to contribute to the organization and is CCFC’s liaison to Miami-Dade County, the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) and NeighborWorks America on activities relating to CCFC’s Homebuyer/Homeowner Solutions Department.  During the 2008 presidential primaries and general election, Rennatta implemented CCFC’s VOTE:  Make Florida Count program which helped encourage registration elderly and Latino voters.  She obtained her B.S. in business administration from Barry University and holds numerous certifications form the NeighborWorks Center for Homeownership Education and Counseling.


images_LEADERSHIPTEAM_483465_488901317819797_1869777910_n-241x300Mayra Rodriguez

Mayra Rodriguez joined the CCFC team in 2005 as CCFC’s client specialist in the job training and placement program, where she once was a student herself. She later became program coordinator for the organization’s Youth Services and went on to coordinate intake for CCFC’s rural weatherization / rehab services. In 2012 she assumed a new role as operations manager where she handled many responsibilities. She currently serves as CCFC’s webmaster. She obtained her A.A. degree in criminal justice from Miami Dade College and her B.S. degree, also in criminal justice, from Florida International University with a minor in psychology.


images_Chris-249x300Chris Barraza
Manager, Testing and Quality Assurance

Chris Barraza, who came to CCFC as a carpenter’s assistant, has spent 28 years of his career working for the organization in Miami and eight rural counties. He is a master carpenter and supervises field operations, assigning projects and managing contractor compliance. In the state network of weatherization/rehab service providers, Chris is frequently asked to assist new providers in training their staff due to his extensive experience. He loves sports and devotes much of his spare time to coaching girls high school softball and volunteers as a school bus driver transporting children on field trips.


images_LEADERSHIPTEAM_483465_488901317819797_1869777910_n 2-244x300Marvin Diaz
Manager, Properties / Maintenance

Marvin Diaz joined CCFC in 1996 as a maintenance technician. In 2008 he assumed responsibility for CCFC’s affordable rentals, the 91-unit Palm Villas apartments and the 31-unit Biscayne Senior Housing and coordinates maintenance operations for all Centro Campesino facilities in Miami-Dade County. Marvin is certified in pool and refrigerator maintenance and A/C repair. He is also certified as an occupancy specialist. He was educated in Costa Rica, where he trained in bank accounting and attained his certification in basic essentials for enterprise development.


images_IMG_4458-268x300Juan Carlos Astigarrabia
Program Manager, Homebuyer/
Homeowner Solutions Dept.

Juan Carlos came to CCFC in February 2012 as a housing counselor and was promoted to program manager of HHS in May, 2013. In this role, he supervises homeownership and foreclosure prevention services and staff, coordinates workshops at CCFC and throughout Miami-Dade County and serves his own caseload of homebuyer clients. Prior to coming to CCFC, Juan Carlos spent twelve years as a certified housing counselor, first with Acorn Housing Corporation, which later became Affordable Housing Centers of America. He has numerous certifications in financial coaching, pre-purchase and homeownership education, fair lending and mortgage lending fundamentals. He holds a Technical Degree from the Economic Institute of Havana from Havana, Cuba.