The Retrofit Program serves our local residents in Florida City and Homestead, Florida,

The Hazard Loss Mitigation Program, selected Centro Campesino as a 2018-2019 Wind Mitigation Retrofit Program provider and recipient.  We can now perform mitigation retrofit improvements to approved structures in Florida City and Homestead, generously provided by this grant free of charge.

The authorized mitigation retrofit improvements include:

a) Replacement of roof sheathing;
b) Replacement of roof covering;
c) Strengthening of roof deck attachment;
d) Installation of secondary water barrier;
e) Installation of hurricane straps;
f) Installation of window and door opening protection;
g) Installation of hurricane resistant windows and doors;
h) Brace bottom chord gable end;
i) Anchoring of wall or floor units to the foundation; and,
j) Other mitigation construction efforts involving structures provided that the construction does not supplant any other mitigation grant program funded by or through the Division of Emergency Management

For information on how to apply and receive these services at no cost to you, contact Jorge Barrios,  305-245-7738 Ext: 232 or email