Centro Campesino is a Community Development Corporation that strengthens families in Central and South Florida.  We do this by providing opportunities to access affordable housing, homeownership support, economic advancement and educational and leadership development.

Centro Campesino was formed in 1972 as a farmworker advocacy organization in response to the deplorable living conditions of farmworkers and other low-income families in South Florida.  Since then, Centro Campesino has constructed over 500 single family homes for low income families, 130 affordable rental units, and rehabilitated more than 6,000 homes for rural low-income families in eleven Florida counties.

Centro Campesino has provided job training and placement to more than 1,000 youth and farmworker adults in non-agricultural jobs, and guided over 3,000 families though the homeownership process. 

Since 2008, Centro has assisted over 2,000 distressed homeowners facing South Florida’s foreclosure crisis.  In the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew (which devastated South Florida in 1992), and during the 2004 hurricane season, Centro Campesino was instrumental in developing and implementing hurricane relief and recovery efforts.  Since the hurricane devastation in 2004, Centro Campesino has repaired and/or replaced over 150 damaged homes.

Today, Centro Campesino’s lines of business are housing development, homeownership solutions, property management, education/workforce development, and community revitalization and leadership development in Central and South Florida.